03 June / Jens Grassel / Software
10 May / Jens Grassel / Software
10 May / Jens Grassel / Software

If you upgrade cups on your FreeBSD installation or maybe you install some foomatic packages this may lead to the removal of the cups-filters package. In some cases this package is needed for your printer to work correctly.

16 December / Jens Grassel / Software

The prompt of lftp can be configured in the config file via the set prompt directive. A while ago I found a prompt on the internet but forgot where, here it is:

12 November / Jens Grassel / Software
If you search in Windows 10 then by default search results from the web (Bing) are included. To disable that just click on the settings icon after you opened the search dialog. There you can disable Cortana and afterwards disable web results.