12 September / Jens Grassel / Software

If you would like to use neovim for their Scala development workflow then this guide may get you started.

It is possible to simply edit the source files but some configuration and plugins will make your workflow way more productive. This includes using projects like ENSIME, SBT and several plugins for neovim.

17 July / Jens Grassel / Software

Because there are way to many options for git to remember it is feasible to have a template file for the .gitconfig which is usually located in the home directory.

02 July / Jens Grassel / Software

If you’re upgrading your FreeBSD installation to 11.2-RELEASE please ensure that you disable custom kernel modules first. The usual suspects are the nvidia driver and the virtualbox kernel module.

08 June / Jens Grassel / Software

In some cases you may need the sources (kernel source) for your FreeBSD installation. However if you did not select the source package in the installer it will not be installed.

06 June / Jens Grassel / Bücher

Als alter Leseratte begegneten mir viele Bücher, von denen ich einige empfehlenswerte hier aufführe. Vielleicht findet der eine oder andere eine Anregung für die eigene Lektüre.