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There are scenarios when you might want to automatically create snapshots via ZFS to have a backup ready if needed. The features of ZFS make this straightforward and easy. However this also means that you might run into trouble because of having too many snapshots.

It is nice if your CI/CD pipeline does also check for code format compliance but sometimes you may want to have feedback earlier or even prevent unformatted code to enter the repository.

In such a case the git DVCS offers hooks to the rescue. You can either dive into their documentation or simply use the script provided below. ;-)

Sometime you need or want to move a commit or several of them between different git branches. One possible scenario would involve a created feature branch which runs a bit longer and multiple important fixes have been made on it. Some might argue that this shouldn’t happen but guess what: this happens all the time. ;-)

For some time now the usage of metals for Scala development is no longer a choice for the brave but could be considered the “should be default” variant. However the installation for the neovim plugins has changed from using coursier bootstrap to something supposed to be easier. But at least under FreeBSD I ran into some issues. So here is a workaround to get a clean installation.

Gitea is a nice alternative for a self hosted Git service. However there is no official support for it in the TeamCity build and continuous integration server.

Some days ago I ran my regular pkg upgrade command under FreeBSD and lost my input devices under X11 (Xorg). :-(

However with help from several people we were able to find a fix for it.

My colleague Maali discovered an issue that raises its ugly head if you’re using the typesafe config library in combination with Cats effect and certain versions of SBT.

Today I finished my book about “Pure functional HTTP APIs in Scala”!

This book is intended for the intermediate Scala programmer who is interested in functional programming and works mainly on the web service backend side. Ideally she has experience with libraries like Akka HTTP and Slick which are in heavy use in that area.

However maybe you have wondered if we can’t do better even though aforementioned projects are battle tested and proven.

The answer to this can be found in this book which is intended to be read from cover to cover in the given order. Within the book the following libraries will be used: Cats, Cats Effect, http4s, Doobie, Refined, fs2, tapir, Monocle and probably others. ;-)

Bereits vor einiger Zeit wurde die Gruppe LambdaHRO von mir mitgegründet. Wir versuchen uns jeweils den zweiten Donnerstag im Monat ab 18:00 Uhr zu treffen.

Die Gruppe LambdaHRO (λHRO) wurde gegründet mit dem Ziel den Austausch zu den Themen Softwareentwicklung und Informatik mit Fokus auf die funktionale Programmierung zu ermöglichen.

Schaut auf der oben verlinkten Webseite vorbei, auf der wir regelmäßig die Termine veröffentlichen.

Quite some time ago I started noticing that the mouse in dosbox was starting to “jump” occasionally. But since I don’t get to play games quite often I ignored and filed it under “possibly driver issues”.

This is an updated version of my previous guide and reflects the latests changes in the scala ecosystem. So if you would like to use neovim for your Scala development work flow then this guide will get you started.

Because ENSIME is dead and gone we will use the metals language server for Scala.

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