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Getting TeamCity widgets on your Jetbrains Hub Dashboard


Without further configuration you will not be able to put a widget from TeamCity onto a dashboard in Hub. Usually you can create a widget but it will not load any data complaining about “Cannot load project list” or something similar.

The reason for it is that some CORS configuration on the TeamCity side is needed.

You have to set some internal properties which can simply be done via the TeamCity web interface. Just go via Administration through Global Settings and Diagnostics to Internal Properties. There you can click on Edit properties and add two properties:

  1. rest.cors.optionsRequest.allowUnauthorized=true
  2. rest.cors.origins=YOU_SERVER_NAME

Please note that YOU_SERVER_NAME must be the name of your Hub server and must also include the protocol e.g. https://hub.example.com.

Please note that you cannot do something like rest.cors.origins=*! This will not work!