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12 September 2018 / Jens Grassel / Software

If you would like to use neovim for their Scala development workflow then this guide may get you started.

It is possible to simply edit the source files but some configuration and plugins will make your workflow way more productive. This includes using projects like ENSIME, SBT and several plugins for neovim.

03 November 2016 / Jens Grassel / Software

If you work with sbt (or activator) and want to restrict the resolvers to the ones that you choose then you might get frustrated that overriding the resolvers setting does not suffice.

05 October 2016 / Jens Grassel / Software

If you happen to use the fine postgres extension for slick named slick-pg then you might stumble into an issue where the compiler complains about missing implicits for column types that should be provided by slick-pg if you override the api method of the custom postgres driver.

10 May 2016 / Jens Grassel / Software