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12 November 2015 / Jens Grassel / Software
If you search in Windows 10 then by default search results from the web (Bing) are included. To disable that just click on the settings icon after you opened the search dialog. There you can disable Cortana and afterwards disable web results.
10 November 2015 / Jens Grassel / Software

The start menu of Windows 10 displays some stuff from the internet by default. If you find this annoying like me then feel free to follow this guide to fix that.

26 May 2013 / Jens Grassel / Software
Besides the consolas font which is a splendid developer font I do like the terminus font for console and terminals. If I’m stuck on a windows box I usually ssh via putty into linux or bsd boxes. Since the terminus font project does provide an installer for windows you can easily download, install and use it in your terminal session.