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If you are using lighttpd to host several php applications via virtual hosts and are using the newrelic php monitoring service then you’ll have noticed that setting the php application name per virtual host does not seem possible at first.

Using the krumo library debugging sugarcrm becomes a lot easier.

If you are using lighttpd as webserver and host drupal websites you probably have used some lua script and mod_magnet to get clean urls. Recent versions of lighttpd (1.4.26+) are able to handle rewrites better through the url.rewrite-if-not-file command. The config for your [virtual] server should look like this:

The annoying thing about Drupal’s tests is that they seem to be optimized for running them manually which is insane in my opinion. Using some hacks it is possible to run them under TeamCity.

If you want to implement custom scheduler functions for SugarCRM you should create the file custom/modules/Schedulers/_AddJobsHere.php and implement your functions there:

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