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The trouble started when emails were coming in claiming first “Fail” and later “DegradedArray” events of a software raid running on a Debian Linux server. Looking into logs revealed an SSD (NVMe) died but let us look at it step by step.

Because setting an environment variable via a shell init file doesn’t seem to be en vouge in modern linux distributions we need to find other ways. To spare you breaking precious hardware in the process here is the solution:

You can define “.conf” files within the directory ~/.config/environment.d/ that may contain one variable definition per line and out of these the startup environment for your window manager will be constructed.

The prompt of lftp can be configured in the config file via the set prompt directive. A while ago I found a prompt on the internet but forgot where, here it is:

If you’re not using gnome or xfce but have some gtk apps installed then you could always set your theme preferences via ~/.gtkrc-2.0 like this:

I recently switched to airline as powerline replacement for vim.

To enable support for powerline-fonts the following steps were needed:

If you encounter an too many open files exception you usually edit /etc/security/limits.conf and increase the value. But on Ubuntu (10.04 LTS at least) this is ignored!

When using Linux it is often helpful to use the following command if an application crashes:

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